In opening and using the images supplied, you are agreeing to the Henbury Brands Terms & Conditions of use as stated below.

The images and intellectual property rights always remain the property of Henbury Ltd.


  • The images can only be used up until 31st December each year where a new bank of photographs will be provided. After this date, Henbury Ltd accepts no further legal responsibility for copyright infringement, royalties or any other legal disputes, which may arise regarding the unauthorised usage of the images.
  • All lifestyle images can only be used for the purposes of promoting sales of the relevant clothing brand.
  • Henbury Ltd reserves the right to withdraw your usage of some or all of the images provided at any time should Terms & Conditions infringements occur.
  • The images provided are for use by Henbury Brands customers only and may not be resold or redistributed to any third party without the prior written permission from Henbury Ltd.
  • The images provided can only be used for the promotion and sales activity of business to business and business to consumer sales channels for plain and decorated apparel as detailed below:
    LOW RES: (website, social channels, email, sales quotations)
    HIGH RES: (brochures, mailers, general marketing literature, paper media).
  • The images provided cannot be used for above the line billboards or TV without the prior written permission of Henbury Ltd.
  • Usage of these images are restricted to printed literature, websites, social media, trade shows, POS and promotional emails only. As always, our imagery carries a 12 month license for use up to 31st December of the year of issue only.
  • In the event that any of the company’s terms of trade are broken, or there is clear evidence that Henbury Ltd images are being used to promote sales and purchases that are subsequently directed to a competitor, Henbury Ltd reserve the rights to demand the withdrawal of the use of our images.

If you are unsure about any of the Terms & Conditions detailed contact our marketing department at